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16-20th April 2018 - University of Economics in Katowice

On 16-20th April 2018 the University of Economics in Katowice hosted an international Project entitled „Consumer Awareness Mobile Application Project”. Within the framework of this program students and lecturers from the University of Economics In Katowice, Howest University College from Belgium and Universite Savoie Mont Blanc from France worked together to design a game and a mobile application ConsuMee, which aim is to raise consumer awareness.

The Project Consumer Awareness Mobile Application Project (CAMAP) wass intended as an opportunity for students to gain both theoretical knowledge about consumer rights on international market, but also practical skills needed to create mobile application. Throughout the week students worked together in international teams, tested the app and improved it. However, the week was not only about the hard work, students and lecturers had also an opportunity to visit Katowice, Tyskie Brewery and took part in social events including  International Buffet. It was a busy and exciting week.

Mobile application ConsuMee is created within a framework of international didactic project entitled „Enhancing quality in innovative higher education about consumer awareness: Consume-aware”. Consumer Awareness Mobile Application Project is organized by prof. Sławomir Smyczek along with research group Awarenet Club, working under the Department of Consumption Research and under supervision of MSc Marta Grybś-Kabocik.

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